Relations with the

Nalon is rooted in its territory. As a result of our partnership with Reyer and Veneto Special Sport Noale, we support the value of sport and social commitment.

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Anima green

Management and services for
technological installations

Maintenance and energy efficiency of technological heating, air conditioning, renewable energy, plumbing, gas, fire prevention, steam production and electrical systems in the public, services, mass retail and industrial sectors.

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Energy saving
& less ecological impact

Upgrading a plant means achieving maximum efficiency and lower energy consumption together, it means saving and reducing the ecological impact of own activities. The numbers prove us right.

Savings are all about the facts 
System Integration

System Integration
for energy saving

Integrated systems and services for management, optimisation and energy saving of HVAC/R systems in commercial and industrial environments

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A great team
that grows every year

The number of employees has doubled in 10 years, internal training courses have multiplied and technologies and partnerships are continuously updated . We are constantly changing because we just can't stand still.

Growing through Competence and Experience


The strength of the team and reliable partners