The competitive factors that NALON S. r. l. has developed over the years are as follows:

  • Thirty years of experience and professionalism in the execution of services;
  • The constant commitment to preserve the company's flexibility in systematically solving problems;
  • Consulting and sales of high-quality products;
  • Spare parts and continuous on-call service;
  • Reducing operating costs, saving energy and protecting the environment.

"Pursuing excellence, a profound recognition that what you are doing is right, is the strongest motivation in any organisation and is the main driver for true quality leadership."

Armand Feigenbaum (quality "guru")

Continuous improvement

Our great attention paid to the quality of our interventions distinguishes the high value that our company attaches to the professional training of its employees.

We believe in the value of customer relationships and in the ethics of excellence, not as an ultimate goal, but rather as constant improvement. Always focused on problem solving as an added value, we have aim towards the integration of Lean Office and Lean Cost principles and techniques.

Nalon srl announces that it has joined the "application of lean office principles and techniques to optimise the economic performance of the company (lean cost)" project


Code. 3810/0/1/785/2015 AXIS I Regional Executive Committee Resolution No. 785 dated 14 May 2015. Obtained with the CONFINANCING OF THE EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND UNDER THE VENETO REGIONAL OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME OBJECTIVE INVESTMENT FOR GROWTH AND EMPLOYMENT 2014-2020.