The Social Aspect

At Nalon, we place an ever-increasing emphasis on corporate social responsibility, with a desire to effectively manage issues of social and ethical impact internally and in the environment in which we operate.

We are therefore making an increasing effort to involve all our stakeholders in this process.

US, the social aspect and the environment


Legality, environment and social issues

Legality: a code of ethics has been drawn up to prevent offences within our organisation and we are applying for a legality rating (insert code of ethics)

Environment: we are working towards the ISO 14001 certification and are increasingly focusing on the sustainable development of our activities.

Social: our involvement in social aspects is constant, as we believe that a company is not an organism in itself, but rather an active part of the context in which it lives. This is why we support a wide range of initiatives, from schools to associations and voluntary work.


We support the values of sport

As a result of our partnership with Reyer and Veneto Special Sport Noale, we support the value of sport and social commitment.