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Attention to technological innovation and respect for ethical values combine Nalon srl's thirty years of knowledge in system engineering with the present.

This is probably one of the most common "false myths". Because reality tells us, day after day, that it is not true that technological progress renders human intervention unnecessary. On the contrary, competence, in the face of increasingly complex machines and systems, has become even more valuable. What matters most is to be able to read the times, to be able to adapt one's own experience to the new requirements.
This, in a nutshell, is the philosophy behind the activities of Nalon srl, the company founded in 1989 in Mirese and today, after more than 30 years, which is increasingly becoming a benchmark in the North-East in the field of maintenance, management and software relating to system engineering, including air conditioning, boilers and other technological devices at the service of us all.

Andrea Cipelli, managing director and founding partner of Nalon, admits: "Especially with the new technologies relating to energy saving, know-how is increasingly becoming a value recognised by customers. The importance of expertise is growing - not only within companies, but also in private homes, where installations are no longer minimal, but are rather becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Private individuals can therefore also contact to Nalon (www.nalonsrl.com) for their needs both in terms of building new systems and operating and maintaining existing ones. Around 90% of the  customer base of the company, which has its head office and warehouse in Oriago as well as an office in the historic centre of Venice, is made up of industrial and commercial companies, particularly large retailers, as well as major museums. Founded as a joint stock company in 1989 by Claudio Nalon and Andrea Cipelli, Nalon became a limited company in 2006 with the entry of three new young partners. It therefore celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2019 and now employs 55 people.

Nalon srl is a well-known company, especially in the metropolitan area of Venice and has extended to Treviso and Padua. It offers an extremely comprehensive service in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving, with 24-hour technical support, providing companies and industries with a range of special services from coverage to on-call availability. The location in the Venetian Waterway, one of the first that was requested of Nalon, has served as a base for technicians for twenty years and allows for a service with staff always present. However, the operation and maintenance activity covers the whole of the North-East, from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Trentino Alto Adige and Emilia Romagna. With the automation sector, relating to the software for system operation, it also operates throughout Italy. The secret of Nalon srl, as mentioned, is having known how to evolve in parallel with technology.

“We have always attempted”, continues Cipelli, “to keep up with the times, with a special focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy services.

Take, for example, the advent of heat pumps, which are increasingly replacing boilers: a technological advancement that brings major benefits and, at the same time, makes a series of new skills increasingly necessary.
This is why we have tried to implement our ability to offer an increasingly innovative range of services by developing our in-house know-how”.

One example is tax relief, which is particularly "on trend" through the mechanisms of credit assignment and invoice discounting. Looking ahead to the future, the Mira-based firm has not neglected its sensitivity to ethical business values.

Nalon places great emphasis on staff training and has developed a series of system certifications: from the ISO 9001, obtained in 1997, to UNI ISO 45000, obtained last year, relating to the safety standards with which workers are brought in to carry out works. This is without mentioning, beyond the company's core business, its presence on the territory in support of various initiatives, with social and societal activities, within an ethical dimension of business activity that is one of the foundations of Nalon srl's activity.

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